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Someone once told me I should model, they were serious and genuine. So I found a whole culture of photographers, artists and stylists that wanted to turn their visions into reality. These are the results of my encounters. If you wish to work with me, please visit my Model Mayhem page and leave a message. www.modelmayhem.com/sylwiaw

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Deja Vu

So my previous post was about reminiscing for homemade photo shoots, involving simple lighting and apartment walls as backdrops. Nostalgia turned into deja vu last week when I shot with Chris Thorn in my studio apartment. Spacious enough to put in a backdrop; but still with all my furniture crammed into one corner or sitting on the balcony.

In deciding which images to post; it gave me an opportunity to look with a little more of a critical eye, I've done a lot of shoots, with lots of photographers and learned a little something every time. I totally know Chris is reading this; that's mostly why I'm writing it down. :P

My biggest thing is altering the colour so that my eyes look unnaturally blue. I think the blue they are right now is pretty sweet, they don't need tweaking.  As well, blowing out photos takes away some of the texture and story of the person: must use sparingly.

As I was making my selects for this post, I can totally tell which poses resonated with me, and which I was just doing because it was on the list. I think just trusting the process and letting poses happen organically after awhile will create stronger imagery...

But that being said, I only have one follower of this blog anyhow, so what do I know? I just get naked!

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